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celebrate good times

me and the hubby celebrating

last week was really something, sort of a festive blur! with the eileen fisher celebration for two full days, a day shoot with time out new york + a few other special interludes i will report on later, made keeping up with the daily work load impossible!  a little report: hanging with the eileen fisher gang + grantees was such a inspiration…people are doing good things! 


please check out this link for a summary of the other stupendous women i met + to check out the grant for yourself – if you fit the criteria, apply!!!

giving a thank you speech, i am very thankful!

i also had such a fun time with  two of my most fave loyale supporters, meredith +  su at a little rager in soho on thursday night.  see my starlets here in what i call drenched in semina + it is just the way i like it…

semina mania!

eco-chic peace! xoxo, jenny


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uma thurman & cindy leive celebrate with the winners

uma thurman & cindy leive celebrate with the winners

a few months ago i applied for a glamour magazine & TAG heuer competition called what are you made of?…five ladies won including me & we were part of a spectacular breakfast celebration at per se yesterday in new york.  i was so inspired by the other four women’s incredible work & it brought home to me again how much one person can do to make a difference in this world.  i would really love to thank glamour & TAG heuer for the beautiful party, the lovely monaco watch & their $3000 donation to loyale’s charity of choice, green corps of course!  the event & loyale were mentioned in usa today, take a peak here for more information:  a cool little movie was also created about loyale, which i will post here & facebook soon…speaking of, please become loyale’s fan on facebook, i’d love to be in touch!

enjoying my nifty new time piece

enjoying my nifty new time piece

life has been good to loyale these days & i want to take a moment to breath & thank the universe…

eco-chic peace!  xoxo, jenny


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touched by O’s magic wand + other neat things…

i have been a bit blog delinquent due to travels & festivities that have held me up!  things are all nifty though & i am glad to be back.  so, i hope you pick up the november O magazine, there is a little spiel about me & loyale revolving around the women rule! competition that i won in may! and there are so many great stories in this article about fabulous women doing incredible things.  if you want to save trees, you can check out the whole thing on my site under the press section last night i celebrated this feature with my gorgeous, groovilious friend erica at marquee in nyc to launch the november magazine & O’s collaboration with the white house project. it was a blast – i adore marie c. wilson, the founder of the the white house project who i got to hug & toast with, then i boogied till 1am.  good times! 

there were also good times in sunny l.a. where i spent time with one of my favourite people on the planet, amee sas at the D&A green market…plus i got to visit with alicia silverstone, emily deschanel & angela lindvall who all swung by the booth to check out the spring 09 collection.

and i was lucky enough to hang out with my most favourite beauty ladies, amy of buddha nose + kim of priti eco-nail polish who had a booth around the corner from mine…i have soothing balms & fantastic, vibrant eco-nail polish up my ying yang thanks to these eco-hotties…

things are chugging along on this front: designing fall 09, moving into a swanky new office & managing orders from the big rush due to O & cookie mag. who was kind enough to feature our mommy & me faux fur jackets in their november issue.  more to come on the new office & some ritzy news about glamour mag. & tag heuer giving loyale some love…

eco-chic peace, xoxo, jenny

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merci beaucoup!

in may of 2008, i began a process that i knew would take me on an intriguing journey of self-discovery…it started with a very long essay about myself & loyale…3 months of waiting…additional essays & company information…6 weeks of waiting…a special 1 hour interview…4 weeks of waiting, but now i must say it has all been worth it!  loyale has won the eileen fisher grant for women entrepreneurs!  each year eileen & her fab team select 5 winners out of hundreds of applicants whose businesses encompass innovation, sustainability & social consciousness.  check out this link for further details:

i longed to win this grant & meet the lady in charge & my wish has been granted…thank you eileen fisher!

eco-chic peace!  xoxo, jenny


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