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the Go Expo

If you are a local in the Triad, we’d love to meet you at the Go Expo in Winston-Salem.  loyale will have an interactive booth and be selling eco-chic styles from various seasons including women’s, men’s and children organic cotton apparel. Prices will range from $10 –  65 and we will be accepting credit cards.
Go Expo is the Triad’s largest sustainability event and will bring together the worlds of construction, design, home renovation, fashion, transportation, energy, waste disposal, education, neighborhood associations, non-profits and food for the common goal of providing practical, everyday life-improving sustainability tips for our all members of our community.
Go Expo
September 25, 2010
9am – 4pm
301 West Fifth Street at the Benton Convention Center
To learn more about this event, please visit

Hope to see you there!  xoxo, Jenny


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It was a great show…

We are thrilled to present this video of the {sustainable} Style WSNC fashion show that took place on April 6th, 2010.  {s}sWSnc was a stupendous success and we have loads of people to thank!

Thank you to all the lovely eco-designers that participated:

Amanda Vaughn Redmon
John Patrick Organic
Lara Miller
Lina Rennell
Loup Charmant
Mr. Larkin
Perfectly Imperfect
Same Underneath

Thank you to our delightful Wake Forest University student models:

Melissa Beckett is a senior from Dallas, TX
Why she thinks this show is important: “Most people simply aren’t aware that there are alternatives to mass waste  and consumption, and events like this one prove there’s a better way!”

Lauren A. Zimmaro is a senior from Harleysville, PA
Why she thinks sustainability is important: As our natural resources become more depleted, we have a growing  responsibility to ensure the sustainability of our planet. Sustainability is important because it extends beyond the  environmental issues and into a realm of social, financial and human rights issues that affect us all.

Hadley Beier-Green is a junior from Topeka, KS
Why she thinks this event is important: “Thomas Friedman dismissed the ‘green party’ and called instead for a  ‘green revolution.’  I don’t disagree, but I also don’t think living sustainably means you need to wear burlap sacks.  Taking sustainable products, like organic cottons and reconstructed vintage, makes green sexy.” 

Tania Cuzmenco is a junior from Charlotte, NC
Why she thinks this show is important: I think it’ll help people see that being sustainable isn’t a difficult or drastic  change; anyone and everyone can do it and still be stylish.

Tonis Montes is a junior from Louisville, KY
Why she thinks sustainability is important: “Being aware of the natural resources we currently have and use and  how we can ensure that future generations have those same natural resources – that’s sustainability. The air we  breathe, the water we drink, how we use and reuse products in our everyday life is absolutely essential. Our  health and livelihood is completely dependent on the way in which we use the Earth and its resources – so essentially, how is sustainability not important?”

Emily Taylor is a junior from Rancho Santa Fe, CA
Why she thinks this event is important: “Change is necessary and it is also possible, most people just do not know  exactly what to change in their lives.  That is why this show is so important: it takes something that women love,  fashion, and turns it into a doable way for them to help sustain the environment.”

Amanda Calderon is a freshman from Palm Coast, FL
Why she thinks this show is important: “This show will help to encourage individuals to make small changes in  their life, such as purchasing eco-friendly clothing in order to help keep the earth a healthy place live. This will  speak to the youth of our culture who are interested in fashion by showing them that eco-friendly clothing is very  fashionable.”

Melody Petulla is a freshman from Chattanooga, TN
Why she thinks this event is important: “Hopefully this event will show people that sustainability can come in all  shapes and sizes; it can be glamorous if you make it that way.  Regardless, it will show people that sustainability  is reaching a hand into every area of popular society, and inspire them to offer their own helping hands towards  sustainability in their own personal ways.”

Many thanks to our generous sponsors:

Wake Forest University
Jade Aveda of Greensboro
Whole Foods Market of Winston-Salem

And a special thanks to the over 400 guests that attended, it wouldn’t have been such a blast without your participation!

To view images of the event, check out WFU’s Flickr gallery.

Eco-chic peace! Jenny

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Loving the eco-life

Spring is just around the corner I can feel it…

My backyard is a sea of blooming daffodils – the yellow alone makes the spring season feel palpable.  I also started seeds in my kitchen window and they are sprouting like mad – foxgloves, basil, tomotoes, butternut squash and more!

I feel a tad sad that I am so busy it is hard to get outside and really bask in the warm and longer days. But I am thrilled to have a lot of work on my plate that brings me so much satisfaction.  A few things:

– the refreshed loyale site is up and spring 2010 has taken a delightful turn.  My word, I love the photography of Nirrimi Hakanson, as well as the collaboration between loyale and Gemma Redux!  Take a peek for yourself and shop now at

{Sustainable} Style WSNC is coming along wonderfully!  With the event just 15 days away, samples from the best eco-designers out there are flooding my office!  John Patrick Organic, Stewart+Brown, Lara Miller, Lina Rennell, Mr. Larkin, Loup Charmant, Bodkin, Perfectly Imperfect, Sublet, Frei, Same Underneath and SustainU are the participants thus far and I am thrilled with Whole Foods, Aveda and Wake Forest University’s sponsorship of this event!  If you live in the area, please attend the event on April 6th and RSVP here. If you are far off, there will be photos online post event.

– the press continues to support loyale!  Please look for loyale in the following publications:  Women’s Health – April, In Style – April, People Style Watch – April, US Weekly – April, Lucky – May and Marie Claire – June (an Emily Deschanel story – we love her!).

– the RiverRun International Film Festival that I am greening and marketing has announced its full lineup of films and I am happy to report that there is an Environmental Documentary side barClimate Refugees, So Right, So Smart, The End of the Line and a special premiere of Disney’s Oceans will be screened during the 11 day Festival!  I am thrilled to apart of such a unique event and hope to see you there April 15 – 25!

I guess this is it for now, I will will re-emerge after April 7th with a full report on {s}sWSnc…Happy spring!

 Eco-chic peace! xoxo, Jenny

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Transitional season

It is that offbeat time of year again when it is certainly not spring with that briskness in the air, but it is also not winter…the sun is setting slightly later, there is a new luminescence outside and bulb flowers are pushing their way to the surface…

Angelina from Beklina, my favorite online boutique that sells loyale, as well numerous other must-have sustainable labels sent me this enchanting photo that I feel sums up the current season: metamorphosis.  I love the light, while loyale’s faux fur Costilla jacket from fall ‘08 is paired with flip-flops and even more so the baby chick who is on its way to growing into a chicken.  Change is in the air that is the only certainty and there maybe a few more snow flurries around the corner, so I am biding my time and keeping extremely busy…

In addition to many other things, I am flirting with raising a few chickens in my backyard – 1/8 acre which is evolving into full blown micro-farm [in my imagination].  Despite the Arctic chill, every weekend I have been hoeing, weeding, pulling up 20 years worth of established ivy and building trellises for my future vegetable garden.  While my back aches at times, I’m loving every minute!  The current agenda of veggies and flowers is kale, Swiss chard, green pole beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, 5 types of herbs, sweet peas, sunflowers and zinnias. This weekend I will begin growing seeds indoors so that I can transplant them after the final frost.  Other little joys involve seeing what is sprouting up from the previous owners of our bungalow…I unearthed tons of irises and there are daffodils a plenty!


While I spend the weekends escaping into farming and landscaping, the weekdays are filled with marketing and greening the RiverRun International Film Festival, prepping {Sustainable} Style WSNC (now just 35 days away) and running loyale, which has had another big publication rush for the spring season due to Earth month looming and loyale’s collaboration with Gemma Redux!  I am also working to update loyale’s site, which will be new and exciting in mid-March…

Life is good and I hope the same for you! 

Eco-chic peace!  xoxo, Jenny

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Save the date: April 6th – 7pm – WS, NC

I was so delighted when Dedee Johnston, director of Sustainability at Wake Forest University approached me about collaborating on an eco-event just months after my relocation to W-S, NC.  We decided the most engaging way to encourage sustainability would be to hold a  fashion show featuring a finely curated selection of eco-apparel that is sensible and stylish.  In essence, {Sustainable} Style WSNC will be  an eco-fashion show that highlights eco-designers crafting the chicest seperates and day wear that make the choice of dressing sustainably EASY.  Our goal is for all guests and participants to walk away with a sense that incorporating eco-friendly attributes into your daily life is fun and do-able.  

{Sustainable} Style WSNC will be open to the public…I look forward to styling Winston-Salem’s inaugural eco-fashion show and seeing you there!  Check back here often for event updates between now and April 6th and follow us on for up to the minute scoop.   If you are interested in reading more about Wake Forest’s sustainability mission check out and for more details on the event, please check out

Eco-chic peace! xoxo, Jenny

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‘Tis the season

I am in heaven. Our little gingerbread bungalow is covered in snow + is cozy from inside out.  I am content + feeling reflective.  Two + a half months into our move to Winston-Salem + it is everything I hoped it would be + more. Everyone has been so welcoming + there are myriad exciting loyale developments for 2010!  Even better, my mind is less congested here + my creativity is back on track, which is going to be of great benefit to loyale in the months to come.  ‘Tis the season – I feel a compulsion to contemplate the year that is coming to a close + the plans that lie ahead…It has been a fantastic year for loyale with celebrities of all kinds wearing loyale on multiple occasions + our one page feature in Vogue (a dream come true). I am now exploring new angles for green production down South; I will be meeting with local sewers in the coming weeks + with the  community eager to support loyale’s eco-endeavors, we hope to open a retail store or pop-up shop downtown by mid-next year.  There are also plans of collaborating with several universities in the region + adding a consulting branch to loyale to encourage green living ; in early April there will be a big event at Wake Forest University + I will begin consulting for the River Run International Film Fest in January.  Plus other plans in 2010 consist of getting a little puppy this coming summer; my dream dog is a Mal-Shi, can you see why?


I have also been focusing my energies on home life.  We are so in love with our home!  Slowly but surely we are furnishing it with vintage finds from all the antique malls that are abundant here – it is truly incredible + I am in heaven sorting through all the yesteryear bounty!  I have been gardening a ton, refinishing furniture (much harder than I thought, a class for instruction is necessary!) + cooking up a storm in our roomy kitchen.   My hubby + I have also been enjoying the outdoors tremendously – five minutes away is Salem Lake, which has a lovely 7 mile loop – I have taken to running the full trail once or twice a week.  We are getting to know our neighbors who are conscientious + kind.  We love downtown, as it is lively + fun with restaurants, bars, shops + galleries.  The surrounding area is wonderfully scenic too – a few weekends ago we drove to Boone + cut our own Christmas tree amidst a lovely snow storm. I could go on + on, but suffice it to say we are happy!  And I hope the same for you as the holidays approach + the year 2009 ends…cheers to you!

 Eco-chic peace!  xoxo, Jenny


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Sharing + caring

It is that time of year again…the dreamy season has arrived to be consciously thankful + share tidings of love with your friends, families + colleagues.  I am also hoping you will spread eco-cheer throughout your festivities + gift giving because it would mean a lot if each one of us considered the toll the holiday season takes on our dear planet earth. A few small green steps will go a long way: when you cozy up to the fire use an all natural man-made Java log, as you cook up a delicious feast, shop local + support the farmers in your area, reuse greeting cards as gift tags + of course I would be delighted for you to consider buying eco-friendly gifts that send a message of true friendship, peace + caring!  

Thank you for making our warehouse sale the most successful event in our history!

Eco-chic peace! xoxo, Jenny

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