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You might see me

I am besotted by film…it has almost become a problem because so many other things I love fall by the wayside in its wake.  While ensconced in RiverRun, I recently had the opportunity to be a part of the Hunger Games, which has been filming in North Carolina all summer.   I went to a casting call at the mall as a sort of prank and was then was actually selected for the film.  My role as an extra was as a “Game Tech” and honestly I was so intrigued by the entire “behind the scenes” experience from wardrobe, makeup, hair, catering, camera operators and best boys…it was insane.  There was endless waiting around, but when the 20 of us finally had the opportunity to be onset for the 25+ scenes that were shot, we were working with the likes of Wes Bentley and Donald Sutherland; the whole thing was mesmerizing.  The camaraderie onset was the most inspiring – dozens of overworked people in convivial spirits all striving towards the final goal. Gary Ross, the director, was a delight and it was pretty spectacular to see the artist who made Sea Biscuit and Pleasantville in action.  I made some nice friends being on the set for three days, including Dan this cool gent who was the assistant wardrobe director for E.T.  All this being said, it remains to be seen if I will actually make it into the final cut of the movie, but I have to say, I don’t really mind – the whole experience was rad regardless.

All the while there is an inspiring RiverRun autumn event in the making that I am thrilled about and have worked hard over the last month to make happen.  However, I will be leaving WS, NC on Wednesday for a few days to attend the Hawaii International Film Festival, so life will go on hiatus again for a short time, as I explore a new film festival island-style.  Good times ahead – a new post to come very soon on these topics….

xoxo, Jenny


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