It’s calling

Maybe it’s because I’ve been reading Kerouac’s On the Road or because the Universe is smiling so kindly down upon me.  For as long as I can remember I have yearned to take a cross-country road trip and have wanted to so with one special person.  It has been discussed at length for some years, but the timing has always been wrong – until now.  On July 14th (that this journey commences on France’s day of independence is not lost on me) I will embark on an epic expedition with one of my dearest friends’ Nini. Words can’t express how excited I am for this trip and don’t think terms and characters from Greek Mythology haven’t been thrown around…Our itinerary:

Nashville, TN – Oklahoma City, OK – Santa Fe, NM – Taos, NM – Monument Valley, UT – Las Vegas, NV (for Nini’s b-day no less) – Death Valley, CA – Sacramento, CA – San Francisco, CA

Dispatch from the road to follow, stay tuned.  And please do send me kitschy touristy tips on restaurants, sites and festivities!

xoxo, Jenny


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  1. nini

    Jen, How did I not realize that we were watching R Kelly on Bastille Day? If it is possible to be homesick for the road, then that’s what I am. Roadsick, I guess. I miss you. Love from Sac.

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