Sadly, this isn’t my immaculately stunning vegetable garden. However, considering how little time I have had to spend on toiling the soil I am pleased nonetheless with the current state of affairs…

After deciding that I wanted to focus mainly on tomatoes (so scrumptious and if there is an abundance I won’t feud with the squirrels who also enjoy munching on them) dozens of starter plants began to crop up on their own!  I suppose all our self-generated compost that was added to the beds this spring, which consisted of among many things discarded tomato seeds did the work for me.  There are now 20 robust tomato plants already riff with green bunches of fruit…not sure of the varieties yet, but I am looking forward to finding out.  Other forthcoming edible delights include arugula, basil, cucumber, zucchini and Swiss chard.

Thankfully the garden is fairly self-sustained, as June 30th commences the summer of travel!   NYC/Fire Island for the July 4th weekend and then July 14th I hit the road for two and a half weeks. I’m grateful and pleased that life is affording me these adventures…more to come on the impending escapades soon.

xoxo, Jenny


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