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High Jinks

Recovering is the best word to describe my first full week back in WS, NC.  My jaunt to NYC for the Tribeca Film Festival was fraught with films, parties, reunions and networking – of course, all at the break neck pace the city is known for.  A few highlights include: a rooftop party at the Standard Hotel where I hung with Malcolm Pullinger (the artistic ace behind Wholphin and Winnebago Man), a festive gathering at the Mondrian with Alistair Banks Griffin (stellar director of Two Gates of Sleep) and a most lavish Vanity Fair bash at the Court House where I rubbed elbows with Martha Stewart, Jerry Seinfeld, Diane Von Furstenberg, Calvin Klein, Michael Douglas and urged Kyle McLaughlin to attend RiverRun 2012.  Two film highlights were Last Night and Magic Valley; sadly programming is not TFF’s strongest characteristic so I don’t have further film recommendations.  Personal non-work related festivities included an inaugural walk on the stunning High Line, eating several to-die-for donuts at the Donut Plant, a raucous Lupe Fiasco concert, my friend’s daughter’s 3rd birthday party and a six course dinner at Vai Spuntino.  It was a trip so perfectly balanced between work and play that I left NYC blissfully exhausted. 

Now back to the more reasonably paced South, I need to take it down a notch. However, things have been more chaotic than I anticipated, as I came back to RiverRun with a 20 page grant due and got bogged down with strep throat.   

I am now on the mend and am in full let’s plan the summer fun mode…Charleston, cross-country road trip, Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York (again) and if all goes according to plan the Telluride Film Festival…

xoxo, Jenny


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