The film festival atmosphere is a curious and captivating realm.  There is a whirlwind of intriguing people, films and events that literally leave you exhausted and exhilarated simultaneously. I discovered this at Sundance and now just coming off the 10 day run of RiverRun International Film Festival, I fear I am completely hooked.

RiverRun 2011 was by all definitions an enormous success.  We had 14,000+ in admissions, 75+ industry guests and sold out 40 percent of our 160+ screenings.  We honored Michael Shannon, who is a personal favourite since seeing Take Shelter at Sundance in January.  He gave some hilarious insight into his new role as the Super Man villain among other funny Werner Herzog stories.  9th Wonder made a home coming with The Wonder Year, the director and stars of The Off Hours passed through and we had a last minute screening of Another Earth with the director and producer in tow, which is a most stunning film.  The events never ceased to be entertaining, a few highlights being Fido Frolic & Film and the 80s Prom we hosted.

Now two days back to “regular” life and still not caught up on sleep, I am heading to the Tribeca Film Festival for the next eight days.  Oh, yes I am definitely strung out…

xoxo, Jenny


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