A little slice

Last weekend I had a love affair with NYC…it had been over a year since my feet had walked the city streets.  Let me tell you if the expression relapse can be used in non-substance abuse terms, I was the definition of it.  I really couldn’t get enough of it…it was so incredible to walk through Central Park, SoHo, the West Village, the Flat Iron and all over Brooklyn Heights and Boerum Hill.  It felt like the city had a whole new patina.  I couldn’t stop walking and unlike when I lived there, I found the Subway charming and so efficient.  Some highlights were Uniqlo, Top Shop, latkes at Miles End, the Stieglitz, Steichen, Strand exhibit at the Met, Café Cluny for a super long and delicious lunch, chai tea stop at Café Minerva, the new Nars store and ridiculously scrumptious cocktails at the Standard Grill.  The fact of the matter is I won’t be able to stay away long and am yearning to head back, so another trip is in the works most likely in conjunction with Tribeca Film Festival.

It was actually fairly preposterous that I was able to get away from WS, NC at all with RiverRun now four weeks away…it is going to be such an exceptional Festival this year.  The official Launch is this Tuesday with the full film and event lineup debuting at the lovely Reynolda House.  It will be quite the soirée…check out RiverRun’s website on March 9th to see all the excitement…

Xoxo, Jenny


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