Neglectful is probably the best word to sum up my lack of new entries.  I have no other excuse beyond the fact that I have been spending less time at the computer and more time simply living life…and having a splendid time doing so. 

Southern living continues to be outstanding.  Though it is long past, I had a stupendous holiday season and welcomed 2011 knowing that change was in the air…After freelancing for RiverRun International Film Festival last year briefly, they hired me several months ago to continue the work that I started last spring…in essence I direct sponsorship acquisition for the annual Film Festival and am further developing their Eco-Initiative.  It has been fantastic to take what I know from fashion and apply it to a film festival.  It has also afforded me many new opportunities that have significance for loyale. 

Firstly, I just returned from Sundance Film Festival where my sole responsibility was to network, rendezvous with marketing experts and take in the ambiance and atmosphere.  It was such an incredible whirlwind of meetings, parties, films and celebrities – the week flew by and I left town with dozens and dozens of business cards and contacts that will be of great use in the coming months.  I also ran into a friend and one of loyale’s first advocates, Rebecca Luke from the Sustainable Style Foundation; she was in Park City promoting the film “The Off Hours.”  Rebecca was the costume designer for the film and cleverly styled the wardrobe exclusively from sustainable and reclaimed fashions.  We had a fantastic time catching up and running about town meeting other eco-fashion proponents, such as Levi’s global marketing director who spoke to us at length about their “waterless jean” launch.  Sundance filled me with a revitalizing new energy and I returned home with a million thoughts and ideas buzzing in my head.

Secondly, being so close to filmmakers in my new role has opened up the dialogue of me being a costume designer for one or two films that will be going into production in NC commencing this summer.  Granted it is a fairly daunting task and the films are small (probably not debuting at Sundance), but I am excited at the prospect of learning a completely new side to fashion I have not yet experienced.  I will keep you posted on the progress!

I have now officially pulled my head from the clouds and will be better about being in touch…xoxo, Jenny


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