bon weekend

Fun in the sun on Wrightsville Beach

I have a new found obsession – the North Carolina coast.  The whole adventure is captivating – from the leisurely drive through dusty towns, the white sandy beaches with beckoning aqua color waters to the grassy dunes and refreshing sea breezes.  I have started a bit basic, as there are literally hundreds of more remote coastal towns to explore, but I am pretty enthralled with Wrightsville Beach in Wilmington which was my inaugural foray into this lovely aquatic world.  I am plotting several weekend trips to other towns and am anticipating my first visit to the Outer Banks in August!

One of my favorite things is taking rural highways that pass through vintage towns with dilapidated buildings and neat neon signs

Now with global warming in full effect (the weather here is normally not 100 degrees until August) these beach excursions will get me through.  But for now, just back home with hot skin from a long day at the beach and my garden freshly watered, I am looking forward to a quiet night with one of my favourite films, the Getaway.

Eco-chic peace! xoxo, Jenny


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