Transitional season

It is that offbeat time of year again when it is certainly not spring with that briskness in the air, but it is also not winter…the sun is setting slightly later, there is a new luminescence outside and bulb flowers are pushing their way to the surface…

Angelina from Beklina, my favorite online boutique that sells loyale, as well numerous other must-have sustainable labels sent me this enchanting photo that I feel sums up the current season: metamorphosis.  I love the light, while loyale’s faux fur Costilla jacket from fall ‘08 is paired with flip-flops and even more so the baby chick who is on its way to growing into a chicken.  Change is in the air that is the only certainty and there maybe a few more snow flurries around the corner, so I am biding my time and keeping extremely busy…

In addition to many other things, I am flirting with raising a few chickens in my backyard – 1/8 acre which is evolving into full blown micro-farm [in my imagination].  Despite the Arctic chill, every weekend I have been hoeing, weeding, pulling up 20 years worth of established ivy and building trellises for my future vegetable garden.  While my back aches at times, I’m loving every minute!  The current agenda of veggies and flowers is kale, Swiss chard, green pole beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, 5 types of herbs, sweet peas, sunflowers and zinnias. This weekend I will begin growing seeds indoors so that I can transplant them after the final frost.  Other little joys involve seeing what is sprouting up from the previous owners of our bungalow…I unearthed tons of irises and there are daffodils a plenty!


While I spend the weekends escaping into farming and landscaping, the weekdays are filled with marketing and greening the RiverRun International Film Festival, prepping {Sustainable} Style WSNC (now just 35 days away) and running loyale, which has had another big publication rush for the spring season due to Earth month looming and loyale’s collaboration with Gemma Redux!  I am also working to update loyale’s site, which will be new and exciting in mid-March…

Life is good and I hope the same for you! 

Eco-chic peace!  xoxo, Jenny


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