dreamy home ideas

Now that the holidays have passed, the focus is back on decorating the home to create a year-round shangri-la – on a budget…

I adore this bedroom, it reminds me of a Dries Van Noten collection, an ethnic print hodge-podge that some how works.  Our bedroom is an IKEA through the years mess and I can’t wait to rework it with this image as my inspiration!

This picture shows off  a gorgeously done room painted with milk paint  and how organization can truly be a decorating technique…Sadly our vintage bungalow’s ceilings don’t reach such great heights!

My fetish with gardening is growing ever more obsessive!  As it sprinkled down rain this Sunday, I was hauling dirt around and cutting the over grown jungle vines that were blocking sun from my future vegetable garden.  It is extremely satisfying to cut back, dig up, re-plant and renew – all the territory that comes along with having a plot dirt that you can call your own.  Compost update: I built a very low-key, camouflage mesh wire contraption with a front gate for digging up and tilling over the pile.  I’ve been at it for over two months and things are really beginning to compost, even with our frosty weather.  We have a great little pile and we keep adding scraps, it is such a fun project!  Stinky and mushy, but fun none-the-less…

Eco-chic peace! xoxo, Jenny


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