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we’re moved in!

home sweet home

We arrived at our new bungalow in Winston-Salem, NC on September 30th + it was more charming than I even recalled from the open house in early August.  As New York renters when my hubby + I got married three and a half years ago, we didn’t get our quaint, carry over the threshold moment, so we took our chance upon arrival + it was so sweet!  For the past week I have been sorting, unpacking, cutting down boxes + cleaning, all the while envisioning what décor each room will be outfitted with à la Domino magazine – my very fave decorating idea mag., when it folded I hoarded all my old issues.  There are a plethora of Goodwills, Salvation Armies + consignment shops here, so I am scouring the scene to furnish our home with as many reclaimed + vintage pieces as possible…not too much luck yet, as vintage “Lazyboy” doesn’t cut it, but I will keep you posted room by room as to my progress! I have scored an incredible, one owner 1970s Schwinn bike for a mere $50 + some lovely Adirondack chairs for the back yard, so no complaints.  We have been taking the opportunity to explore the area + are really loving the community + slower pace down here!  All in all, we are delighted with our big decision to make the move + experience a whole new atmosphere…I already feel my creativity gaining strength + I look forward to sharing new ideas that spring forth! It is truly gorgeous here + I am thoroughly enjoying the turning of the leaves + that autumnal feeling in the air…

Eco-chic peace! xoxo, Jenny



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