My bags are packed, I’m ready to go…

My mind keeps wandering to a big life change that is looming resplendently in front of my hubby + me – our migration out of NYC.  We are moving to Winston-Salem, NC + soon – September 28th. I know it is big news! And I know many people are wondering intently why…While over the last ten years this glorious city has given me its all, no holds barred, I have found my sense of well-being dwindling.  The lifestyle here has become so intense, that creative thoughts fly in + out as quickly as they came without even the hope of being executed.  The point of me being a fashion designer is so that I can be creative, but the daily grind here has cut me off from so many of my favorite arty past times, like photography, screen printing + sewing.  I want to get back to the salt of the earth again + live a slower pace! And the move is a great way to expand loyale’s reach, as loyale will still have a presence in NYC while I explore the myriad eco-mills and factories down South.  We have spent time in Winston-Salem + love it; there are great restaurants, neat music venues + loads of culture/art…it reminds me of Austin 10 years ago.  We are going to live in a charming 1930s bungalow with Wholefoods minutes away by my Schwinn bicycle…and in due time I will be opening a loyale showroom + shop in a retrofitted tobacco factory downtown. Plus I will be visiting NYC every month for several days, so I am getting the best of both worlds…it is all very exciting.

I will be Twittering the move + keeping you updated about the happenings…follow me here to get the play by play:

 Eco-chic peace, xoxo, Jenny



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2 responses to “My bags are packed, I’m ready to go…

  1. Just wanted to say thank you, I got my jumper in the mail today, and I *love* it! Thanks so much, I look forward to wearing it!! 🙂

  2. Thank you!! I received my lovely Valencia mini and my blouse earlier this week and absolutely love them! I’m planning to wear the dress at Oktoberfest in Oregon this weekend and next week in Napa… and I plan to wear the blouse in Istanbul in a couple weeks. I will send pictures!

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