drop zone

Jenny skydives

on the average day of running loyale, i figuratively drop out of the sky + land to earth several times…there is so much responsibility + many formidable decisions to make being an entrepreneur that my stomach is quite accustomed to the feeling of plummeting far + fast on a daily basis, especially with my dreamy disposition where sky is always the limit. well, this saturday i had a real dose of plunging at 130 miles per hour from a plane flying over a mile high in the sky…my daredevil husband surprised me with an early birthday gift – skydiving!  i have considered skydiving since i was thirteen, but never had the wherewithal to really do it for one reason or another.

as we pulled up to “the ranch” in gardiner, ny + i discovered what was going down, i got simultaneously excited and scared.  while it was a drawn out process to get trained + suited up with our harnesses, we were soaking in the whole ranch atmosphere + loving it.  everyone was so jovial, fun, juiced up + keen, which made me eager + intrigued about this freefall lifestyle – i certainly began to think there was something to it + i wanted to be apart of it…i got exceedingly pumped when i met my rad tandem instructor, brian – i knew this would be the ride of a lifetime.   then things proceeded like this: take off, enjoy the majestic view from a 1960s plane called freefall express, watch my husband dive head first out of the plane + do a flip, led to edge, ready-set-go, whoosh, crazy screaming + air pressure, spinning, not for one second having another thought in my head, but “i’m falling…”  when the parachute slowed us down abruptly + we were soaring over the land like birds – damn, it was so cool + beautiful!  watch my little video of the whole experience here: http://s279.photobucket.com/albums/kk150/loyaleclothing2008/skydiving/?action=view&current=0d6e7564.pbr.

now to address my delinquent blogging as of late: i know i am the worst!  truth be told, july/august is my slower time, which means it is my one chance to get out of dodge + recharge the battery. part of my recharging includes logging off. so that is what i did, i left new york for three weeks + headed to the bay area.  it was fabulous to breath the fresh air, hug redwood trees, drink delish wine + celebrate life with my friends + family.  i’ll be creating photo montage of this trip + featuring it here soon!

and some good news: julia roberts was spotted wearing our tara blouse in the semina print this past weekend, check out the link here http://aboutjulia.com/site/?p=1877.

lastly, mark your calendars! choice loyale merchandise will be on sale at the e-shop starting august 14th!  take a peek at the goods now + think about what you’d like to buy for 40 percent off: http://www.loyaleclothing.com/shop.htm.

glad to be back + hope you swell!  eco-chic peace, xoxo, jenny


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