the reason for loyale’s being


i love our planet.  it truly is a magical place that gives us marvelous gifts of beauty while exuding selflessness & generosity.  if our planet was a person, i would have to divorce my wonderful husband & marry her instead.  but alas this is not to be, so instead i design clothing with her as my soul obsession (that is not a typo).  the planet is the raison d’etre of loyale.  honestly speaking, there is no way i would be a fashion designer just for the kicks of it!  no, the environment & the protection of it is what gives me that drive a designer needs to overcome all the hardships that come along with this profession. 

as a special thank you to my friend planet earth, i am eating a vegan diet all week.  no meat, dairy, eggs, etc.!  now, i know this might be a bit extreme for some of my readers, but if you at least consider not eating meat for just one day week you would save 245 tons of grain, 84,000 gallons of water & greatly reduce carbon emissions.  also, try to buy eco, sustainably raised meat, this helps a lot too.  so the 2009 earth day takeaways are: eat less meat & of course buy organic cotton clothing.  both of these actions will vastly improve the health of our gorgeous planet.   in celebration of this momentous time will be 25% off on April 22nd with code: apr22loyale.  it is the only one day sale we will be holding until late august, so we hope you will seize the moment & expand your eco-chic wardrobe!

eco-chic peace! xoxo, jenny


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