fruitful youth

teen vogue may 09

as it was snowing earlier today, i was happily scanning in my most recent spring press + feeling very good about things, not the least bit concerned by the never ending winter.  i am one of those people who doesn’t make much time for soaking up the moment, usually i am in a complete frenzy, spazing out like the tasmanian devil storming onto the next project.  however, today i sat peacefully + gazed at some of the hard work that has truly paid off these past couple of months into a very tangible form – beautiful, shiny magazines that are currently featuring loyale…check out for the full range of recent press!

glamour considers me to be an eco-influencer, awesome!

and speaking of things that bring me happiness, how awesome is the movie “i love you, man” ?  confession, i saw it twice + am kind of obsessed.  i love good laughs…

"i love you, man" hits just the right note

eco-chic peace!  xoxo, jenny


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