celebrate good times

me and the hubby celebrating

last week was really something, sort of a festive blur! with the eileen fisher celebration for two full days, a day shoot with time out new york + a few other special interludes i will report on later, made keeping up with the daily work load impossible!  a little report: hanging with the eileen fisher gang + grantees was such a inspiration…people are doing good things! 


please check out this link for a summary of the other stupendous women i met + to check out the grant for yourself – if you fit the criteria, apply!!! http://eileenfisher.com/ourcompany/cons/business_grant_prog.asp

giving a thank you speech, i am very thankful!

i also had such a fun time with  two of my most fave loyale supporters, meredith +  su at a little rager in soho on thursday night.  see my starlets here in what i call drenched in semina + it is just the way i like it…

semina mania!

eco-chic peace! xoxo, jenny


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