is it me?

alex mcqueen from

or is there really something wrong with fashion designers sometimes?  at this juncture, when everyone is pooping their pants about the future of the economy & the world, are big, scary, laquered lips the cure for our ails?  i just don’t see this as a soothing balm for the consternation of the well- being of society as we know it; if anything this begs the question, is suicide an option?   perhaps it goes against the code to criticize my fellow people, but frankly this is why i became a designer in the first place.  fashion should be relevant, meaningful & of the moment, yet most of the time the clothing & the messages they send are from a different planet.  i don’t want to squelch freedom of design, but the biggest question i grapple with when i see something like this is, when does creativity become ugly? 

eco-chic peace! xoxo, jenny


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  1. caeious

    well i certainly agree with you. many designers in the fashion world tend to be artsy decadent escapists. living in a bubble. one can be ground breaking with their designs while using fair trade certified organic naturally dyed fabrics. i believe the world of high fashion and eco-consciousness is about to merge. tis inevitable 🙂

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