spring 09 has sprung


one of my favorite things lately is finding quotes that express exactly what i am feeling in much more eloquent manner.  take this quote from robert frost, “the sun was warm but the wind was chill. you know how it is with an april day.”  now i know it is not quite april, but this weekend in new york gave each of us who live here a taste of what we crave – spring.   we enjoyed a balminess & warmth that was somewhat deceptive, as the sun shone all was delightful, however with each passing cloud that brisk chill was unavoidable.  regardless, i was grateful for the short respite from winter.  and am even more thrilled with the fact that the loyale spring 2009 collection is in full bloom & now available for one & all to enjoy!  check out the new web shop & site, there are a lot of neat things going on with even more ways you can participate!  http://www.loyaleclothing.com/

eco-chic peace!  xoxo, jenny


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