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the blossoms shall bloom in time


ahhh, thank goodness i am still flying with my vogue high because there has been no rest for the wicked…between planning production, launching our completely revamped website & the designers+agents trade show this weekend down time has been non-existent!    it has all been worth it though.  the loyale site is looking so fresh + spectacular, i can’t wait for you to comb through all the goodies!  as always, would love your feedback if you are so inclined.  the designers+agents trade show was as spiffy as ever; meeting new buyers, hanging with my dedicated buyer buds who i’ve gotten to know so well over the years & chatting with magazine editors seeking new lines…also, it was delightful to see my dear pal andrea brueckner (that’s us in the above photo) who has a gorgeous hand bag line.  well, back to the grind stone, we are shipping the spring 09 collection so soon & my to do list keeps getting longer!

eco-chic peace!  xoxo, jenny


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one dream at a time


i’m taking a moment to inhale, exhale & fully experience that incredible, unmatchable, joyously, grin-inducing, tingling feeling when a life time dream brims to the surface, flows over & comes true…loyale is in vogue.  there have been multiple almosts in the past year (which i felt lucky for even that), but now that is has truly taken place, i’m pinching myself & revelling in the moment.  i’m sure you know how it is for yourself when you set up these markers or goal posts & when one is momentously past, you know deep in your soul that you are headed in the right direction.  and may i say, thank goodness vogue is focusing on green, it really is ground breaking & gives me hope for the future of eco-fashion…i am happy you’re here to share this moment with me. 

eco-chic peace!  xoxo, jenny

p.s.   a dazzling, revamped site with the  new line & exciting features is going to be live at the end of this week!


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econista: samantha beckerman


loyale’s stupendous fan, samantha beckerman, has been tearing up the streets of new york in her organic cotton faux fur (or as she likes to call it “fun fur”) costilla jacket…aren’t we lucky!  with her killer style, sam accessorized our eco-supreme jacket to the hilt & hence we crowned her our econista of the month.  apparently, she has been wearing the jacket day & night, which is just what we like to hear… “hey darlin!!! I’m wearing the organic fun fur like EVERYDAY!!! OBBBBSESSED!!!”   check out sam’s enticing collection that she designs with her two fantastic sisters at

eco-chic peace!  xoxo, jenny

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a few little helpers

it has been quite a winter in new york this year…the snow & constant chill could easily have created a melancholy fog, but instead i have lovingly coaxed myself to take pleasure in little things that make me happy & fully embrace this wintry solstice.  check out a few of my soothing winter faves…


i wrap myself in the gorgeous gloom of bon iver’s for emma, forever ago at least two times a day, as i design & plan out fall 2009…it is reaching obsession level.  hear for yourself:


anakiri is my skin’s savior year round, but this hydrating face oil has worked wonders this season as my skin faces arctic winds each day.  their entire wholesome & healing line is a treat:


i am a tea fanatic & this lemon ginger blend i just discovered from yogi tea warms me up from the inside out & makes me feel sunshiny.  each tea bag carries a different message that without fail lifts my spirits, such as right now, mine reads, “wisdom, character & consciousness conquer all.”  scope out their whole range of dilectable teas:

i hope each one of you are finding your own special remedies to exist peacefully in this season.  feel free to share with me & loyale readers, we would love to hear about your personal winter salvation faves.

eco-chic peace! xoxo, jenny

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