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all hail the eco-nista: callie

callie heads out on all hallows' eve - extra eco-points for taking the subway!

callie heads out on all hallows' eve wearing loyale's one & only pasadena dress

i have been promising you an eco-nista & here i am with her.  callie rocks!  i met her on broadway in early october during one of loyale’s festive little sales & she informed me that she was to be alice in wonderland for halloween wearing loyale’s pasadena dress!  it looks perfect & callie gets extra credit points for taking the subway to her halloween shin-dig…thanks for sending in your cute pic, callie!

eco-chic peace! xoxo, jenny


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uma thurman & cindy leive celebrate with the winners

uma thurman & cindy leive celebrate with the winners

a few months ago i applied for a glamour magazine & TAG heuer competition called what are you made of?…five ladies won including me & we were part of a spectacular breakfast celebration at per se yesterday in new york.  i was so inspired by the other four women’s incredible work & it brought home to me again how much one person can do to make a difference in this world.  i would really love to thank glamour & TAG heuer for the beautiful party, the lovely monaco watch & their $3000 donation to loyale’s charity of choice, green corps of course!  the event & loyale were mentioned in usa today, take a peak here for more information:  a cool little movie was also created about loyale, which i will post here & facebook soon…speaking of, please become loyale’s fan on facebook, i’d love to be in touch!

enjoying my nifty new time piece

enjoying my nifty new time piece

life has been good to loyale these days & i want to take a moment to breath & thank the universe…

eco-chic peace!  xoxo, jenny


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