merci beaucoup!

in may of 2008, i began a process that i knew would take me on an intriguing journey of self-discovery…it started with a very long essay about myself & loyale…3 months of waiting…additional essays & company information…6 weeks of waiting…a special 1 hour interview…4 weeks of waiting, but now i must say it has all been worth it!  loyale has won the eileen fisher grant for women entrepreneurs!  each year eileen & her fab team select 5 winners out of hundreds of applicants whose businesses encompass innovation, sustainability & social consciousness.  check out this link for further details:

i longed to win this grant & meet the lady in charge & my wish has been granted…thank you eileen fisher!

eco-chic peace!  xoxo, jenny



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2 responses to “merci beaucoup!

  1. I am thrilled for you!

  2. I am excited for you! Came across your products through Inc. I think you have a big market and wonderful opportunities. More online marketing campaigns and press release will definitively help your brand presence.

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